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3 Things to do if aren't so afraid

Without fear and doubt nobody can achieve anything easily. Sometimes fear makes us freeze and prevent us from taking the step. Fear can take hold of anyone no matter if he/she is the strongest person on earth.

Overcoming the fear is the foremost thing to do or else it can be a hurdle in the way of achieving our dreams. The best method to overcome fear is to tackle the issue head on.

Well, I also have many fear but I do want to overcome them and fulfill some aspirations of mine.

Three things is would do if I weren’t so afraid are:-

1. Sky diving— It is the most scenic thing one can see. The beautiful sky, lands, water and the greenery is astonishing. It’s like you are in another world which has no fears, doubts, worries, work, responsibilities, etc. I want to feel that and hope so someday soon I will overcome my fear of height and fulfill this wish of mine.

2. Visit Bhangarh fort— It is known to be the most haunted place of India. I have a big fear of supernatural things, perhaps this can be said as my greatest fear. This place is quite fascinating also. It holds great historical memories of the kings and the queens. I want to visit this place and hope so that someday soon I will have the courage to visit this place in Jaipur.

3. River rafting— Water is not my fear but this particular is. In river rafting I am simply afraid of death. I know I am thinking too much but the Ganges has a great speed in Rishikesh and if you by mistake fall in water then its quite hard to get you back on the boat. But still to ride on the speedy Ganges is an extraordinary feeling , so I do wanna do that once in my life at least.

The best part about pushing past your fears, the feelings of pride and accomplishment resulting from doing something difficult. Fears can be sometimes innumerable but I just wanted to depict these things which would do if I am not so afraid.

Perhaps, don’t be afraid of anything because everything has a end and fear will end someday.


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