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“Access to computers and internet has become the basic need of education and society”— Kent Conrad

We are living in a new era of internet where no work is complete without using internet. Internet is a system of interconnection of computer networks that link several billion devices worldwide. A single day without internet connection is impossible.

Internet has its own advantages and disadvantages. I want to display only a few advantages though there are innumerable advantages. Biggest advantage is that information can easily be transferred. Then any info is easily available on internet, etc. Biggest disadvantage is that it becomes addictive for many people.

The new generation uses the internet for a lot of purposes. It is almost impossible to study without internet nowadays, especially in this covid driven world. Not only can you use the Internet for communication, business, banking or entertainment, but you can also use it for education and research. Basically it depends on the students how to utilise this magic wand called internet. It can be beneficial or harmful as well.

According to my opinion, students should not get limited access to internet. I know that many will think that this isn’t a good thing to say but if we give limited access then it will be bad for the students. Today in this covid situation education is merely standing on online classes so if wo don’t give access then how will students study properly. Knowledge is very important for a successful career that students can get mostly by internet. Many students learn different types of skills online and use it for their own good. There are also students who spend a lot of time on social media which destroys their IQ level.

Instead of taking the beneficial internet facility from students, parents should guide their children about the pros and cons of internet and how to use it for their own benefit. Internet is a boon for many people and we should respect that use it accordingly.

Nearly 3 billion people and 50% Indian students have no access to internet. These students are lacking proper education in this pandemic driven earth. So we should teach our children to utilise this boon effectively and efficiently.

Use it or misuse it, it depends upon you.

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