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All you need to know about the common cold

What is the common cold?

Infection of the nose and throat caused by viruses (upper respiratory tract) is called a common cold. Rhinoviruses are the most common viruses that cause common colds. Colds can also be caused by more than 200 different viruses.

Symptoms of the common cold

After getting a common cold, it may take one to two days for the symptoms to appear. The symptoms of this are different for different persons, though there are some common symptoms. It is as follows:-

• Nasal congestion or runny nose

• Your throat may be wet or have a postnasal drip

• Feeling feverish

• Anxiety and slight body aches

• An inability to smell or taste

• Chest discomfort

• Having trouble breathing deeply

• Cough

• An upset stomach.

• Itchy throat.

• Eyes watering

Treatment for the common cold

The viruses are mostly not affected by antibiotics. So, you can treat the symptoms but not the infection. You must allow it to run its course. After some days, it will go by itself. There is no cure for the common cold but there are some ways to feel nice and lessen the symptoms. They are:-

1. Take hot water vapor 4 times a day and for good effect, add some Vicks to it.

2. Drink at least 6 glasses of hot water and do add some salt for better treatment.

3. Do gargle 3 times in a single day for better results.

4. If you get a fever, don’t forget to take medications for fever as it will reduce the harsh effects.

5. Try drinking Indian kadha. This is a drink made by adding some natural ingredients to boiling water. There are different recipes of kadha for different ailments.


Q1. When to see a doctor for the common cold?

Ans- In common cold, nobody really requires medical attention from a doctor but still if your conditions worsen then do go to a doctor. The conditions include:-

• Fever above 102 F.

• Wheezing

• Shortness of breath

• Long lasted fever

Q2. How long does a common cold last?

Ans- In general, the common cold goes away in 6-7 days but it can last longer depending upon your immunity strength and symptoms.

Q3. Is common cold fatal?

Ans- No, the common cold is not at all fatal. Just be preventive to not let your temperature rise too high. Seek medical care if it does. Although, it can cause a lot of issues to the person with weak immunity.

Q4. What are the preventive measures for getting the common cold?

Ans- The preventive measures include:

1. Washing your hands regularly.

2. Use hand sanitizers from time to time and especially when you go out.

3. Stay at home if you're sick to prevent spreading the illness.

4. You can spread cold viruses from your hands to your eyes, nose, and mouth. Hence, don’t touch your face or mouth regularly.

5. Follow the above precautions.

Wrapping it up

The symptoms of a cold can be quite unpleasant though, by proper treatment techniques, one can feel comfortable and cure himself/herself quickly. When your symptoms do not improve within 10 days, you should see your healthcare provider.

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