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Every person has different lifestyle. Some are busy and some have plenty of leisure time. Well, today we are going to take the busy people in consideration who work hard to earn money. Nowadays we tend to do most of our office work on laptops or phones and sit all day in the same place without doing any physical activity. People just sit, eat and work which ultimately leads to fat production in their body and their weight increases.

Today I am going to give some uncommon tips to reduce weight. It follows as :-

1. Drink a lot of water— You must be thinking that what’s uncommon in this. Well, my theory is a bit different. If you drink more water you will pee more for which you have to walk and go to washroom, so the more you drink the more you pee and the more you walk.

2. Sit at a distance from electric switch boards— This will force you to get up more often and put on or off the switch as per the requirement.

3. Stay away from the kitchen— Food cravings are sometimes the crucial reason for weight gain. So, if you be away from the kitchen you won’t eat a lot.

4. Wear tight pants— This will keep your abdomen tight and you feel sweat that can somehow lead to weight loss.

5. Tell your family members to fetch your food— I am giving you this advice because when you go to fetch your own food, you take a lot and feel like to eat more which leads you to put on weight.

These are all some easy and uncommon tips.

Hope you guys follow them.

Adios amigo.


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