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Getting anything at your doorstep with just a few clicks

Online shopping is in trend now. People now don’t like to go to market places, instead they sit at home and order the desired products. Online shopping has immensely increased during the lockdown period. It was a great asset for people as in lockdown nobody could go out to do shopping and so this online feature has helped lot of people.

Online platform is for diversity. It provides multiple variety of products in affordable price range. Customer can choose according to their need and budget. Many people are swamped with loads of work and for them going out and doing shopping is really hectic and tiring, so for those group of people online shopping is like heaven on earth. They can buy anything at any time of the day.

The notion of online shopping was first introduced by Michael Aldrich in 1980.

By using videotex technology, he designed, installed, manufactured, sold and supported many online shopping systems. The first-ever shopping store name was Tesco store.

Technology is taking us towards digitalization. Offline shopping have been replaced by online shopping. It is a successful change in business strategy.

It is time saving and convenient way of shopping. It is a modification in field of shopping to make shopping more accessible, relaxing, flexible and inexpensive (budget-friendly) . Online shopping reduced the pressure on traditional shopping centres.

Online shopping has a lot of potential to shoot up more. Every field has its own advantages and disadvantages but I find online shopping as a big advantage for us.

So, keep shopping and keep growing.


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