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How to be happy in life?

Happiness, a simple word, or a deep feeling of never-ending euphoria!? I believe it is impossible to pin down what happiness means. To define true happiness some will say it is a state of mind, some call it a chemical impulse of dopamine in the brain, true to its scientific meaning but is that what happiness means.

For an individual human being what holds genuine importance in life is to keep one and all happy, this one fact cannot be denied. Not to elaborate much on the most asked question based on “how to be happy in life”, but yes happiness is a significant feeling of great emotions summed up in one which fuels all your passions and builds you up unlike the opposite emotions of guilt, grief, and regret that sadden a person completely.

Well, human life can in no real term avoid these strong emotions and one has to go through the worst kind of feeling to experience the best ones. As they say, they say “There is no sunshine without a little rain”, You can not value happy moments unless you have faced pain and exhibited the harshness it brings.

7 ways to be happy in life

Let’s proceed with some insights and throw light on the below listed 7 ways to be way happy in life:-

1. Prioritise your own needs and requirements - With the fast pace of life and responsibilities, we often tend to neglect our basic self-care needs and requirements in places where we should give them more preferences. It is a great deal of the facts that one has to look after their family, friends, and others with different needs but that is only possible when you are on good notes with your health, body, and soul.

2. Small vacations and spending time in nature - Gaining wisdom holds a huge part when it comes to the question of how to attain happiness. In nature, you not only discover what is true to your knowledge but the whole world. It connects, heals, and resolves all your problems at once, providing all the answers.

3. Gratitude journal - Humans have an old characterized habit of easily taking small things in life for granted, and you can not blame these beings, our lives require a change from time to time telling how we are on an eternal journey of growth. Take some time out and write down the good things happening in life, no matter how bad the situation there must be something. Focussing on the less but greater things in life will only help in multiplying them. Journaling is a means to reflect on the brighter side of everything.

4. Building a supportive and motivating surrounding - Success in all terms requires work. And to completely go behind that grind, happy work becomes a necessity. Who wouldn't like a healthy working experience, after all? every once in a while you require a good amount of push and motivation in the community you have built-in such a way that it only helps you flourishes. Well, the question is, will it be that simple ever? yes, it could be a walk in the park. How? unscramble the group of close friends and colleagues who take special care in seeing if you are comfortable in your workspace so that you create an efficient life for yourself.

5. Focus on gaining Knowledge - Explore as much as possible, you never know what particular thing, in general, is not something just as common to you, instead is your passion for which you can sacrifice a lot more than others. At last passion fuels, purpose and purpose is true peace.

6. Simplified lifestyle - Contentment is formed when things and topics are uncomplicated in general. Confusion always leads to indecisive ideas about pleasure. The right kind of cheerful personality and joyousness is possible to be found then.

7. Giving nature - If you want your wishes to be met, and get that afterglow to try and fulfill the dreams of others once. There is no other feeling than the one that comes after you give out something from the unfulfilled part of yours to someone who needs it the most. At certain times uplifting the other person is more important than meeting your needs, differentiate carefully.

7 tips to be happy in life

The checklist arranged with 7 tips to be happy in life is ready for you to discover and tick start a happy life:-

1. Associate yourself with positive thoughts and people only.

2. Create a balanced life, with an equal amount of investment in work, rest, and health.

3. Check on a friend, colleague, or family member and see if anybody needs help. Help others to know your greatest potential so that you will feel better yourself.

4. Remember small things add to happiness, do the things which ease you out and meet your purpose.

5. Build understanding around your life and people.

6. Do involve in physical activities like dancing, jogging, or just breathing in fresh air i.e meditating.

7. Share your thoughts, and ideas with the world, that would let you never fall short of good vibes because the world needs more of that.

Happy life quotes

Dishing out happy life quotes for you to bloom! Though there isn't anything called “happy life quotes” words do add clarity, not to deny.

  • "Be happy with what you have. Be excited about what you want." Alan Cohen

  • "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." Maya Angelou

  • "Life is a journey, and if you fall in love with the journey, you will be in love forever." Peter Hagerty


Go grab your happy life the soonest. Wishing you the best come your way. Remember the