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Does society needs to be more materialistic ?

Materialism is a philosophical theory which depicts that matter is the fundamental substance in nature and everything is material dependent.

Everybody has their own point of view on this and my viewpoint is that society need not to be more materialistic.

Our world or society is full of emotion, culture, religion, faith and hope. We always keep adding materialistic things to it which suppresses the need of non-materialistic things. Materialism is not everything we should lean on.

Materialism is a belief that matter is a fundamental substance in nature and everything including our mental state and consciousness are results of material interactions. Well this is obviously NOT TRUE! Materialism is a contrary to moral life. It leads to creation of differences in us. We start differentiating between wealthy and poor people. It leads us to show off our wealth.

No our society need not to be more materialistic because it will sooner or later start destroying us. We might not feel that we are being destroyed or harmed but we will definitely change our way of thinking and we will judge others of their wealth. Materialism detached us from the love and faith of the world. It detaches us from the belief of society. We become more materialistic day by day and lean on materials for our help and support but actually our relatives or friends should help us in time of need and support.

We mostly do not meet people because of smartphone. Smartphone is a great weapon to detach us from the rest of the world. It kind of isolates us from others. We generally call our friends or send whatsapp message if we want to meet anybody or want to invite anybody over dinner or any sort of party. This smartphone thing is a useful device for some people and a detacher for some people.

Another example is treadmill, I know it has healthy benefits but if there would have been no treadmill then people would have to go out for walking and mean while they would meet new friends and people, which will promote humanity and love in this technology driven world. I also agree that in this covid driven world we cant go out but if covid wouldn’t have been there then my point of view would be that treadmill in some way or the other makes us more materialistic.

Some people lack humanity due to materialism. In some way people are slowly forgetting the beautiful world and life we have been given by our lord and parents.

Hence, materialism is alarming and we need to stop depending on it as soon as possible.


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