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Smoking is injurious to health

The teen age ranges from 13 to 19 years old. This age corresponds to adolescence.Teenagers are people who fall into this age group. Some may be past this age-group, some are approaching it, and some are in it. Energy, mood swings, insecurity, argumentativeness, and recalcitrance characterize this period. A teenager's body undergoes many hormonal changes as well. The sudden decampment from childhood into adolescence is something unusual for a child. Teenagers can grow many good and bad habits depending on the people they spend their time with when they become dissatisfied with their life.

Teenagers in today's world are largely 'technology-driven'. Smart phones, television, laptops, computers, video games, music, you tube, and an innumerable number of other smart devices occupied most of their time. Social networking sites leave them feeling incomplete if they don't use them. 21st century teenagers have more friends online than they do in real life.There was a time when people had a large group of real friends with whom they spent most of their time. Teenagers today enjoy living the nightlife the most. Well! Time flies indeed.

Teenagers are notoriously stubborn. As teenagers, they come into contact with different kinds of people, each of whom has a different impact on them. They have an extremely absorbing mind, and they believe anything you tell them. They don't get into the depth of the matter since they believe it to be time consuming, however, one should not do anything or believe anything until they know the pros and cons of what they are doing.

Today, I will list some mistakes teens should avoid :-

1. Worrying about popularity – In a teenager's mind, he/she thinks he/she needs to be popular among his/her friends, or else he won't be recognized and people will forget him/her. In order to achieve this, they start flaunting their things, flirting with girls/boys, dressing well, being in the latest fashion, etc. To be popular, a teenager must understand that it comes from gaining respect and trust from others, not by being fashionable or showing off. It results from being well-educated and not well-groomed.

2. Making studies the last priority – Teenagers are heavily involved in their personal lives and online lives. It doesn't seem to matter to them whether they study or not. They are much concerned about appearance, relationships, friendship, and think they will never achieve anything in life if these things are not perfect but this isn’t true at all. Teenagers must realize that they will be jobless and penniless without a high school diploma or college degree. The luxuries they dream of won't come to pass. Teenagers are at a crucial time of their lives when it comes to using their time and studying properly.

3. Smoking, drinking and drugs – Drug or alcohol abuse is cool among teenagers. Their minds believe that it is a trend, and that they have to follow every trend to be popular, but they don't realize that these trends can give them some popularity but can also take away their lives. Popularity without life is meaningless, of course. Due to smoking and drinking, the lungs and liver are severely damaged, which can lead to cancer or cirrhosis, which teens believe is a very minor disease. To do drug abuse does not make them look cool, instead they look like fools who endanger their lives.

4. Losing virginity before age – Although there is no certain age to lose virginity or have sex, I believe it should be one's own sense of well-being to be safe than to be sorry. Teenagers believe that a relationship without sex cannot last. They tend to view sex as a very casual form of loving each other, and they tend to sleep with anyone they like.Love without sex is pure and happy, and they need to be aware of that. Instead of searching for the right partner for a one-night stand, they must feel and understand the joy of being with the right partner. There are many health complications associated with premature sex in the future. True, happy, and joyful relationships or friendships must endure the power of their presence.

5. Disrespecting their parents – Parents are the birth givers. One must not be rude to parents, but some teens believe their parents are giving them wrong information and lecturing them for no good reason. They believe that they're right in every matter and that parents are wrong because they're old-fashioned. Teenagers should know that these old-school parents know the world and its traps better than a 15 or 16-year-old.We can receive proper guidance from our parents. Although the world rejects us, they are the ones who will stay by our side till the end. No matter what, you should love your parents.

Parents need to guide their children very carefully. Always remember that teens deserve your love and attention. All of their behavior is not their fault; it's actually the hormones that control it. They should be taught stress management techniques by their parents and teachers.

Just being polite and humble is enough to achieve any milestone.


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