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Here are all the facts about monkeypox

What is monkeypox?

Monkeypox is a rare infection caused by the monkeypox virus. It is an infectious zoonotic disease. Monkeypox was recognized for the first time in 1970. Monkeypox virus is a member of the Orthopoxvirus genus within the family Poxviidae.

Symptoms of the monkeypox virus?

It is critical to provide the best supportive care for individuals suffering from monkeypox so that the most severe complications can be avoided.

A person infected with the monkeypox virus may start showing symptoms after 5-7 days. It may vary from person to person. The symptoms include:-

• Fever accompanied by headache

• Bodyache and backache

• Chilled feeling

• Discomfort

• Nauseatic

• Exhaustion

• Muscleavhe

These are the earlier symptoms.

After two to three days of having a fever a few more symptoms can appear. Such as:-

• Rashes and bumps on the face and various parts of the body

• Lesions at various stages of the infection

It can last for 3-4 weeks depending upon the patient’s immunity strength. The ratio of death is 1 in 10 people.

Treatment of monkeypox virus

Monkeypox infection currently does not have a specific treatment, however, the outbreaks can be controlled by preventive measures and using other vaccines like the smallpox vaccine, ST-246, cidofovir, and other antiviral drugs can be used.

How to prevent monkeypox disease or virus?

There are a few preventive measures such as:-

• Stay away from bedding and other materials that may be contaminated with the virus.

• Stay away from people who may be infected.

• Preventing contact with infected animals (particularly sick or dead animals).

• Washing your hands regularly with soap and water.

• Avoid any type of sexual contact with bisexual people or any infected people.

Who is most likely at risk?

Young adults, children, and immune-compromised people are at a high risk of this disease. It is better advised to avoid any type of contact with the infected individual or animal.

Is monkeypox fatal?

Monkeypox is not very much fatal but if the symptoms of the condition of the patient worsen, it can be fatal. It is estimated that monkeypox causes death in 10 percent of cases.


Monkeypox is a rare and mild disease similar to smallpox. According to experts, monkeypox is transmitted via bodily fluids, not through the air as are measles and COVID-19. Any time you develop any symptoms, make an appointment with a healthcare provider.

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