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This question bothers everybody. We doubt our decisions and ask ourselves, “am I right or am I wrong?” After a deep thinking we finally decide what our instincts say, may it be right or wrong.

Having self-confidence and self-reliance is the chief thing one should have. Now people will think that how we will build self-confidence? Well many points are available on internet which can help anybody to build self-confidence still I wanna tell you guys some points which can help you a lot in building self-confidence and self-reliance which are moreover the same but I have explained them in my way.

The points are quite uncomplicated :-

1. Believe yourself— First and foremost thing is to believe whatever you think. It can be right or wrong but at least you will be able to understand the pros and cons by yourself and nobody has to come and notify you about the pros and cons.

2. Take everybody’s opinion and don’t underestimate it—Opinions matter. People will come and give you thousands of opinion but they won’t make you understand what will happen if you take the opinion and so you by yourself have to find which is the correct opinion and by this you will learn to understand the difference between right and wrong. Some opinions are useful and some are not, so just take what you get and keep what you need.

3. Self-care—It is the foremost thing one should think about because when you are fit, fine and energetic, confidence builds by itself.

4. People might sometimes compare you with other and you may also feel discouraged and disheartened but you should not let it affect your confidence and decision-making ability because the society will keep on doubting you and mocking you at every point yet you have to believe yourself.

I chose this topic to write because I always have this same doubt in my mind whenever I am given any decision to make.

So, keep faith in yourself and trust your gut.


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