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Writing is an art. For me it is a way of expressing myself, to spread my thoughts in the whole world. It’s almost like an emotion to me. Everybody has different thoughts on writing. Some find it difficult to do and some find it very easy. For me its both. I get an idea very easily but writing the proper content drives me crazy sometimes. Sometimes it happens to me that I have a thought in mind but cannot express it in words. But yah one thing is there – writing helps me relax as whenever I am tensed or stressed, it helps me take out all my frustration in my article which sometimes results in good articles and sometimes bullshit. A reader expects a lot from a writer and to stand proudly on that expectation is a bit hard sometimes.

My voice is very important for me to have stand in the society and writing helps me achieve that. I can express my point of view freely by writing. A writer has to take a lot of things in consideration -- reader’s wishes, world’s view, social communication, etc. I am not an expert in writing but yes, I am learning and hope to gain as much knowledge about writing I can.

My father once told me,” This writing and all won’t give you any earning and you have to study for a better future”. I replied,” I don’t write to make future, I write to express my thoughts. Well, it’s not necessary that our parents will understand everything but yes, they support me in anything I do.

My main goal is to raise my voice by writing which I am definitely doing. I wish others do the same.

So, keep writing keep shining.


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