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Love is not JUST a feeling

Love is a powerful emotion which is meaningful to each and every person. It is difficult to define, measure and understand. Love is a feeling of affection. It holds different memories for everybody and it makes one feel happy and vital.

Love is not merely a term suitable for only couples. This feeling can arise between anybody. Relationships are formed between parents and child, friends, business partners, life partners, siblings, etc. Every relation should have the pure feeling of love. For example, if there is no fondness and understanding between business partners then the business would not run smoothly and if there is no love between life partners then they can never live together happily and tenderly. So, love is very important.

Everybody misinterprets love. What I mean to say is that people just think love means what couples have or show but actually love is mode of affection which makes everything nice, smooth and helps people to like each other in one way or the other. You only think that if business partners start not liking each other then no work will be done.

There are many forms of love like a mother’s love for her child which is très precious, a shopkeeper’s love for the customer, a teacher’s lover for her students, between two females or two males, etc.

Respecting the love we get from mother is very important because nobody knows if we will get the same love later or not. People lose their mothers and the natural love which mother gives and later they just ponder upon the memories. So, respect the love you get from your birth giver who has nurtured you her whole life and has given you the utmost love.

If we take the reference of friendship we see that friends may move away but the love between friends burns on forever. Friends fight a lot but at the end they come to each other to sort things out because of the feeling of love and bonding which they have between them.

Love is not just about other people, it is about ourselves also. Loving ourself is most supreme thing. When we love ourself we feel confident and powerful and our mood is also cheerful most of the time.

Love can be complicated too because every person has different perception of love. Some cannot handle the fights and tantrums of their partners which creates a distance between them and sometimes due to each other’s ego nobody wills to solve the matter. So, understanding each other is a secret to a happy and a healthy relationship may it be any form of relationship.

Honesty, responsibility and trust constitutes love. Love is also accepting others for who they are, not what we expect them to be. Love is a unique gift for shaping us and our life and we can say that it is greater than other things in life.

Hence love is not just a feeling, it is more about the bond between two people.


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